5 Jul 2016

Looking for you

I read;

George Chaplin

Henrietta Johnson

Laura Louisa Nicks

Joseph Bradbury

Walter Jackson

The day was warm, the sun was shining, there was such peace amongst the tombstones.. the grey granites, erect unwavering and silent, the cemetery seemed a calm tranquil sanatorium, a final resting place;

Mary Jane Gould

Harry Trickett

Sara Ann Roberts

Alfred Twycross

Fredrick Clew

Clara and Ernest Hamm

A man walks his dog, a rabbit hops between the shrubs, fresh flowers, plastic flowers, tended graves, neglected graves, shiny new headstones, headstones so old the engravings erased. Spider webs spun from the upper left corner of the cross to the right..

Tom Ferman

David Harris

Hilda May

Hanna Harrison Barnes

Ablert Edward Yardley

Joseph Griffin

Sandra Baker

William and Alice Grey

All the dead have romantic melodic names! perhaps it's the passing of time, perhaps it's their bloodless decay beneath the earth, perhaps it's because we know that they are gone forever. The trees sway mournfully to and fro and a beautiful melancholy sweeps the grounds as I continue searching for your name, I brought you red roses, so many years have passed, I’m sorry I did not visit sooner, I miss you every day.