28 Dec 2012

Should have said.

I drink bitter coffee, I don't mind - no sugar
and my tasteless black coffee doesn't seem to mind.
Not all things are meant to be sweet;
things we said;

.I should have said: I want to make this work
I should have said: let's try (again).
I should have said: you make me happy.

I drink bitter coffee and I remember what you said:
I don't ever want to re-marry.

I'm busy.

You're  judgmental.

I don't know what you want.

I hope that you too never  said  what you should have  said

22 Dec 2012

a quiet

A quiet fills her

A quiet like the eeriness that fills the fair the morning after a festive night

Everything grim and silent

Everything still

The stern chipped faces of old Merry-Go-Round horses

The grass soiled with spilled cold drinks

The frustrating repeated sound of sweeping empty cans and

candy wrappers where childish laughter once was

The thrill of the ups and downs of their roller coaster passion brought to a halt

The magic suddenly vacuumed from everything, her days are a starless infinite sky

After he's gone.

16 Dec 2012


Whilst gardening, strong winds break a young flower's stem; its blossom hangs down in resignation
She supports it with its own leaf. From a distance the flower looks alive.


I know what is easy

Solitude it easy

Anger is easy

Bitterness is easy

Losing faith is easy

Letting go is easy

Hate is easy

Hurt is easy

Despise is easy

Despair is easy

Loathing is easy

Resentment is easy

Vanity is easy

I know what is hard