29 Apr 2016


You’re so important to me,
So important.
You give me things no man can ever give me; balance, truth, love, appreciation, stability. You give me back my reason, you take me back to myself when I lose myself.
You came when I needed to start from the beginning, to go back to the start, in the midst of all the chaos, pain, sadness, violence, aggression, disappointment, lies, depreciation, my soul screamed STOP! STOP! Go back! This can’t be my reality! Start again! Go back to the beginning, I want to be born again, I want another chance, a fresh start, a clean slate.
That’s why you came, I needed to see myself born again, only this time I was wanted, loved, appreciated, cared for, protected. It’s so perfect, you’re so perfect, I’m so perfect in your eyes.
Jori and mummy 2009