2 Apr 2016


I let the six-legged tiny creature crawl on my hand, its weightless round body, its shiny red polka-dot Elytra shielding its delicate wings, I marveled at its intricate magnificence, the beautiful complexity of its engineering. What amazing mind? What majestic imagination? What exceptional intelligence could conjure such a mysterious wondrous being? Faultless, complete and perfectly individual the ladybird explored the uneven skin covering the surface of my hand and as I considered it, it considered me. What did it think? What would it say? if indeed it wasn't already saying something to me right this instant which my limited human mind could not register or comprehend. After a short contemplation it grew tired of my awe stricken gaze, it turned its head away from mine, opened it's lustrous metallic shell, released its paper thin wings and flew.