17 Apr 2016

The kiss

He walked me to my car
the night cold and wet
a bright crescent moon hung, a crocked smile
the gentleman in him leaned forward, offering an
innocent goodnight kiss on the cheek,
a gentle peck, a soft brush of cautious lips
his stubble sensuously teased my skin
his seductive fingers firm around the curve of my waist
that familiar and dizzying scent of a real man arousing me,
the wanting female finally opened her eyes after her long loathsome sleep,
she rose, yearning and hungry. I grabbed the stiff collar of his coat
bringing his lips to mine, my bruised red heart, iron hot and aflame
every cell in my body aching, vigorous and alert with desire, trembling in his
powerful embrace, I was at once the strongest and the weakest woman alive
the darkness around us suddenly still and attentive, the moon watched
the silence grew enormous, the startling quiet that swallowed the whole universe
for this, this one incredible moment to occur; all the elements stood at attention
in fear, in hope and in awe; a new love, a new birth and a new death.