16 Apr 2016

A Day to Remember

My solo art exhibition at The Asylum Art Gallery, Wolverhampton, Friday 15 – 20 April 2016
I was so pleased with my art show at the Asylum, a great turn out of about fifty people and five paintings sold (Depression I, Depression III, Hope, Fish and Butterflies). What was most wonderful for me was all the interest I received, how everyone wanted to talk to me about my work, they had interesting questions and very intriguing remarks, it was so refreshing for me to be able to discuss my art with intelligent, artistic, creative and likeminded people, even the fact that I sold my favourite five works shows that there was a strong connection between me and the viewers who came to my show. I was touched so deeply by how the women in particular came and told me that every painting had resonated with them, that they related to the work and were moved by it. I couldn’t possibly receive a higher praise as I was working hard to convey the complexity and depth of the female emotion and I’ve succeeded and I’m very proud.

I'm so grateful to The Asylum Art Gallery for believing in me and for all their moral and financial support, for all the time and effort put into making my show a success, they took care of the promotion, the printed flyers and posters, the online marketing, the labelling and hanging of the paintings, the drinks, the music (which was an amazing mix of Jazz - my favourite), the photography and the filming of the event.