11 Apr 2016


Today I rode my worn-out pink bike around the city, I felt free and light. The sky was grey with a cool wind blowing. I enjoyed breathing, I felt my lungs expand and my heart inflate, I felt my skin pores open up to inhale the clean air, my blood pumping strong and powerful and shooting up to my brain, awakening tired cells that have been lazily sleeping. I enjoyed feeling cold then warm as the heat of my body rose each time I struggled to cycle uphill, I enjoyed letting the wind carry me downhill without any effort of my own, taking my feet off the peddles, legs spread-out and laughing joyacly. I was a little girl playing again, a little girl wasting time because time was meaningless if not wasted in play, because nothing really matters and nothing ever will, and it took me a long time to see this. I softly hummed to the songs my mind was playing for me, happy playful songs, I took the long way home, I saw budding tree branches, shy little flowers slowly blooming, a new life unfolding, so much is still unwritten - I thought - and I was happy, I was free, I was beautiful.