4 Apr 2016

A Conversation with God

What happens after death?
Why do you want to know?
Because I’m curious
Why are you curious about death?
Because I don’t enjoy living
Why don’t you enjoy living?
Because I suffer
Why do you suffer?
Because people disappoint me
Why do people disappoint you?
Because I have expectations
Why do you have expectations?
Because I want more
Why do you want more?
Because less is not enough
Why is less not enough?
Because there is more
If you know that there is more why don’t you go find it?
I can’t
Because I’m tired
Why are you tired?
Because I’ve tried and failed many times before
Why don’t you stop trying then?
But if I stop trying I won’t get what I want!
What do you want?
What is fulfillment?
I’m not sure
Why aren’t you sure?
Because I never found it
Why have you never found it?
I don’t know, either because it doesn’t exist or..
Or what?

Or I already have it.