8 Dec 2015

Undoing the tether

With no more than three days before my first solo art exhibition I feel a storm of contradicting emotions stir within me; fear, excitement, panic, faith, self-doubt, anticipation and dread. It’s hard to look and behave normal under the rush of all these extreme feelings, but I learned a lot about myself during the past three months while I was painting what I think is my best work yet. I discovered I can paint anything if I put my mind to it. In the past I feared the brush, I believed in my limitation, I knew I can do beautiful floral scenes and still life but never dared to venture further than that, today I’ve attempted a raging ocean and I am actually very happy with the results, water is very challenging to master, it’s aliveness, it’s constant movement, its bewildering beauty makes it hard to capture I believe. I grew when I finally undone all tethers, broke all shackles and discovered the genius of my hands.

My art exhibition is on Saturday 12/12/2015, 4.00 – 7.00 pm, at The Herons Café, Coombe Abbey, Coventry, CV3 2AB