3 Dec 2015


A bee trapped inside my living room, continued to bash itself against the slightly open glass door leading to the garden. The garden is so near - it seemed to ponder – I can see the green grass, the last blooming roses before the grave winter chills shook all the branches bare, why can’t reach it?!
I remember how that felt, stuck in a rut, seeing the way out but not fully grasping how, I was two people back then, the first had full faith I could overcome my pain,  my sadness and my depression, the other had full faith that there was no way out of my fathomless despair. Now looking at the struggling bee it seemed so far away. I reached for a clean and empty tub of yoghurt from my re-cycling box and scooped the confused insect and helped it fly out in the open air. A part of me understood.