17 Dec 2015

Red Umbrella

It's two in the afternoon I’m standing at the corner of the road, the rain is pouring I am protected by my massive red umbrella, I wait for traffic to stop or at least slow down so I can cross the street, I look up at the bright red dome above my head and think six people can stand under this umbrella and keep completely dry, I feel lucky I’ve got my awesome red umbrella. The busy road shows no sign of stopping, I look to the right, a man drenched through and through walks slowly with careful steps, struggling to hold on to his many full and heavy looking shopping bags and trying his best to scratch a lottery ticket at the same time with what appears to be his house keys, he looks old, tired and haggard, water dripping heavily from the tips of his thin hair onto his bent face and on to his lottery ticket. I’ve got my big red umbrella, I think to myself, and he might have a million pounds winning ticket, this thought makes me smile. Luck! It’s all luck; money is luck, love is luck, fame is luck and success is luck, it’s all luck. The man continues to vigorously scratch and rub at his wet ticket, the movement of his hand becomes faster and more urgent now, almost furious, I keep my eyes on him, I’m just as excited as he is now, he manages to rub off the remaining silver coating off his socked ticket, he stops, looks up, his eyes meet mine for a fraction of a second, his expression is grave, stern with a hint of disappointment in it, the traffic stops, I look away and cross the road, I’ve got my red umbrella and it’s all luck.