18 Dec 2015

Love is a unicorn

Love is a unicorn, I wish it exists because it’s beautiful and magical but I also know that it doesn’t, and everywhere I turn there are people telling me they have seen unicorns, they tell me they know someone who has a unicorn, they say “look over there, there’s a unicorn”! I look but all I see is a horse, I tell them “that’s not a unicorn, it’s a horse, horses are beautiful animals I love them but they are not unicorns”. They shake their heads with impatience and say “what’s the difference between this unicorn and the unicorn you’ve got in your head?”, “It’s simple this one doesn’t have a spiraling horn on its head”, they shake their heads at me again almost angered by my exaggerated and fussy exactness “and why is that horn so important? What purpose does it serve?”, “it’s what makes a unicorn a unicorn, you may be proud of your horses but they’re not unicorns, that’s all”.