1 Dec 2015

An open field

Today I walked.
With every step I felt hands of love, hope and kindness surround me
I came upon an open field, the grass luscious green and wet, the
trees bare and wise, swaying to the sacred song of winter winds
the Seagulls cried, the Magpies chattered and bickered loudly, all the while
they watched me, and knew me..
Something in me grew enormous, the gratitude for all my blessings
thank you for loving me,
thank you for giving me all I ever wanted
thank you for my talents, my health, my strength, my beauty, my fierce intellect
thank you for seeing me through everything
I spoke to the wind, to the earth and to the sky;
I release the past with love, and I am open,

open to all the goodness, all the opportunities and the abundance that lay ahead.