5 Aug 2017

Your authentic loneliness

Be faithful to your loneliness. To your authentic, honest loneliness.

Before another lures you into loving them, simply because they failed to love themselves.

The loneliness that comes with others, is a shameful loneliness, a cheap, fraudulent loneliness, a tragic loneliness, that insults your soul.

Stay faithful to your loneliness, your soulful, courageous, fulfilling loneliness. a loneliness that doesn’t demand, doesn’t leave you wanting, or deprived.

Be faithful to your loneliness, a loneliness that doesn’t weigh you down, undermines, or denies you.

A naked, raw, loneliness that fits you just right, doesn’t flab around the waist, or restricts you at the shoulders.

The loneliness that comes with others is a sad, shabby loneliness. The empty fortune cookie, the long queue to a poor show, the wrong jigsaw piece.. forced.

A loneliness you can’t bear, and can’t complain about. Ostentatious and cliché

Don’t be a hallow cave for someone who loves to hear their own echo, be a mountain.  

Be whole in your loneliness, be complete in your loneliness. Be full.