22 Aug 2017

So tired of your shit..

Dear Man,

I’m tired of feeding your insatiable ego.

I’m tired of massaging your relentless vanity.

I’m tired of being the microscope you need in-order-to see:

Your shrunken masculinity, inflated.

Your tiny dick, enlarged.

Your poor achievements, overrated.

I’m tired of being the dark empty backdrop, against which only you can shine.

I’m tired of making myself smaller, so you can feel bigger.

Pretend I’m weak, so you can feel strong.

I’m tired of lowering my expectations.

I’m tired of tolerating your insecurities and pride.

I’m tired of accommodating you.

Agreeing with you 

Forgiving you.

Indulging you.

Prioritizing you.

Catering to you.

Favoring your opinion.

Glorifying your Damn Mother.

I’m tired, man..

I’m tired of your shit..

You’re just not worth it.