4 Nov 2015

Morning run

waking before sunlight
I opened the door to let the day in
the cold air not yet polluted by traffic
only the sound of trees mournfully murmuring to one another
I took a deep breath, filled my lungs with the sweet breath of morning
felt my body expand full of vitality, my blood
a deeper, richer red shot through my eager veins
I started slow
heart beat and breath synchronised
crisp crimson autumn leaves crunched under my hastening tread
the world was new
the promise of the day hung like lavish dew kissing rose petals
presently the wind was my friend, beaconing me to run faster
mysterious invisible ribbons swirled around me, pushing me ahead
like friendly long gone spirits, my liveliness filling them with vigour and
tender nostalgia
turning back, the winds had conspired against me, pulling me backwards
dry hands of gust slapping my perspiring face
I charged, head down like a provoked bull 
my legs began to fail me, breath short and panting, heart pumping harder
to sustain my speed
as in that frequent nightmare, trying to run with legs heavy as lead

my tired heart repeated its mantra: keep going, keep going, keep going..