17 Dec 2017

Why did you go?

He came to see me

Asking for a recommendation letter

My ex-student. My wonderful ex-student

Tall, and perfectly built.

His wholesomeness shadowing everything around him

Why did you go? He kept asking

I avoided his intense, intelligent eyes

Like two universes they were. Liquid, glistening and full. Full of

something close to understanding. But I would not believe it.

I looked away from their forceful light, from their terrible darkness.

Pretended to search for a piece of paper, with unsteady hands

How’s your family? I stammered, needing something to say

Under the sky of his stern gaze, the minutes were long

His austere eyes followed me.

I’ll leave the letter with the secretary for you to collect

And everything that could not be said

was compressed. In his soft persistent

Why did you go?