3 Sep 2016

Pink Stain

I need to wipe that stain. Where my compact blush smashed on the white tiled floor last night

I’m too warm and comfortable to crawl out of bed, my sheets are layers of love, my body tender and brooding

The dark pink stain on the gleaming white tiles, the sunlight steels a glimpse through the blinds and the dark pink stain shimmers

My cat jumps on my little desk, pushes my pencils and papers to the floor. A crash! I call him to me, another layer of love, a purring delight

There are e-mails, WhatsApp posts and feelings to attend to

There are memories, disappointments and a lot of laundry

There’s the important question of what to cook for lunch today?

And there’s the stain, the dark pink stain where my compact smashed, in my haste to leave the house last night. The familiar disappointment, a heavy sick feeling in my gut. Another boring date, another stupid man with nothing to offer.