6 Sep 2016

Morning run – Al Barsha Park

There’s something wonderful and lively about running in the morning. I’ve made a habit of it and found it a great energy booster. I still do the gym but sometimes it’s good to have the space to stretch my legs and just run, not tread mill run but the actual 'real' act of running.

The only thing I thought I’d miss about the UK was the accessible green spaces. Areas near my home, where I can just put on my running shoes and go. Since I’ve come to Dubai I’ve been using pavements and sidewalks for my morning run, until a friend of mine told me to join her on her morning run at Al Barsha park. The park is so ridiculously close to where I live, I have no idea how I’ve missed it! It’s perfect for morning joggers; the grass luscious and green, the trees and flower bushes manicured and well taken care of, the running lanes paved and smooth, the toilets accessible and clean. There are manual exercising machines! A little shop that sells drinks, groups doing yoga, clean benches and seating areas and a lovely man-made lake in the middle with little swan shaped boats.

I feel so lucky that I live close to such a gem. I’m looking forward to going roller blading with Jori there, as the paths are perfectly smooth for roller blades, bikes and scooters. And have barbeques and picnics with friends, and take long romantic walks.