13 May 2016

Being Born a Woman - Recorded Poem

'Being Born a Woman' is my angry feminist poem, not a new poem, I wrote it a while back but never recorded it. As a feminist I find myself feeling frustrated, offended and angry by so many social practices that have unfortunately become the norm; everywhere I turn I see an add for a facial cream that promises to make me look 10 years younger, because as a woman of course I'm not allowed to age! There are breast enhancing bras available for 12 and 13 year old girls in all the major stores now. If a woman is ambitious, driven and chooses to work and pursue a career, to try to break the 'glass ceiling' she's labelled a man eater, a control freak, a bossy bitch, mean, cold, ruthless, emasculating. But when she decides she's content staying at home and taking care of her family she's criticised for not having ambition for not wanting more from life! Women are the only creatures who can be criticised for being 'too loving'! although I'm not sure how a human being can be 'too loving'?! We are criticised for being too trusting but we're also criticised for being too insecure to be able to trust.. etc.. 

WARNING! I get VERY emotional and angry when reading this poem, not for the faint-hearted.