17 May 2013


I walked slowly and
listened intently to my foots steps
rhythm with the clamor of my heart.
On the edge of freedom
my life narrowed suddenly and
something I held dear shrunk to silence.

Inside an austere bleak court room
the stink of  cheap cigarettes rose
air vanished
my hands held each other in solace, laid
calmly on my warm blooded thighs in resignation
fingers hugging in anticipation
even the ticking clock was waiting.

I thought of how poorly I slept last night
of how poorly I ate this morning
but to be alone here today; this is Poverty.
This will not harm me I thought; Loneliness.
not like the judgment falling on me by
the least person who knows me.

There are so many people in my loneliness
who will not reach, who will not speak, 
who will not.