3 Mar 2013

If you dare

 ...You'd walk to the end of the earth for that one moment of pure happiness 

Creep into the little places of your heart; the little untouched places.

Listen to your tearful self.

Look at your sadness.

If your love has been shaped by years of misfortune; re-shape it.

Close your eyes and see for once with the kindness of your hands.

Touch the world you’ve been a part of for so long.

Measure yourself through the eyes you had 20 years ago.

Nurse your withering passion, learn to feed it adventure.

Wear your despair on your chest and tell curious eyes that this is your illegitimate child.

Taste someone else's fears; ask them to swap you their poverty in exchange of your pathetic relentless vanity.

Hold a moment; perhaps that moment you were too weak to ask your dying friend if they were afraid of death.

Tell the truth; full, whole without your tainted bits inside it.


Blame yourself for all your lacking.

Dream further, in a vaster realm than your mind or your boundless imagination ever can.

Look behind yourself and see all the dead selves you have crawled out of, to be 
what you have become today.