19 Jul 2012

"I will captain any storm you may harbour"  -  Steve Garside


An insolent evening, full of ghosts of the past, your empty sighs in dusty corners
Every chair pushed back is your width, your leaving, the loss of you, the coming and going of your silhouette sleeping peacefully in my bed, where I lie not but leave empty for your shadow to fill
An emotional wreckage tonight, a drowning ship dropping its mammoth weight of not having, of not loving, of never knowing .. why?
What would you say to me if we sat like we once did? talking of our enormous worlds, of our distrust of the Gods whom we love vigorously, of our unspoken hope for each other
I look upon our jeweled memories as I do a treasure island I've lost the map to, in a far - dream like - horizon
I am everyday measuring the gulf between this love and my vast failure to sail back to you; a willing ambitious ship never learning how to yield its anchor.