28 Jul 2012

I pour the darkness

Spooning sugar crystals from a large heavy glass jar into a smaller plastic dispenser, an indolent attempt to make the mundane sweetening of  my coffee easier.

Life? isn't it the daily routine of taking from one container and pouring into another, the emptying of one space to fill another, the diminishing of something into another?
But "matter" - despite our constant shifting of objects and space- remains the same.
I hold the dispenser down, aiming at my coffee cup;
I force the snow like crystals to fall into the darkness,
I force the sweetness to touch the bitterness,
The white cream to mix with the blackness… then
I pour everything into me;
I pour the darkness, the lightness, the bitterness, the sweetness, the blackness and the whiteness into myself,
into my being,
into my human.