26 Mar 2020

like a faint heartbeat

At first, it was like the faint heartbeat of a fetus, barely noticeable. Then it turned into a ferociously hungry dragon, then it became a sky-high wave that drowned the whole world. A zombie virus, one-thousandth the width of an eyelash, has run a riot, a pandemic that to this day has affected almost 400,000 people worldwide, and killed almost 17,000, broke stock markets, ended human socializing, and brought our daily lives to a halt.

I’ve stopped listening to the news, it’s all bad, it is all horrifying; is this how we will all die? Possibly.

Whenever I write a text to a friend I start by “how are you holding up during all this madness?” To some friends I’ve recently spoken to, I write “if you need someone to talk to about something other than the virus, I’m here for you”.

I made the mistake of googling, when will the pandemic end? The result I got was it might take another eighteen months. Google is a dick.

It’s almost unfathomable how utterly weak and vulnerable we are as a species. And what started as funny memes and gifs is now a terrible reality. How will we reflect on this in several years’ time? I don’t know. But what COVID-19 taught us all, is that it’s not the Atomic or the Hydrogen bombs we should be fearful of, but a barely living virus one-thousandth the width of an eyelash. 

A part of me is kind of like ‘maybe this how humanity ends and we give back this planet we’ve destroyed to the animals.’ We’ve fucked up so much, and for so long.