23 Aug 2016

Lose yourself

Lose yourself in this; the loud chatter of strangers dining in this extravagant restaurant, the heavy cutlery clinking to china plates, the distressed child crying for his mother’s attention.

Lose yourself in the constant busyness of these clogged roads, wide and as far as your eyes can see. Take wrong turns, stop at unfamiliar lights, take routes that don’t lead to home, get lost, be another vehicle in this incessant swarm of vehicles.

Lose yourself in the awe struck faces of tourists, eyes gaping at the magnificent towers, the architecture, the lights, you’ve seen them before, see them anew, like an old camera roll film, expose your eyes to the sunlight light, erase old images and be in wonderment once more.

Lose yourself, in a song, in a baby’s laughter, in a pair of beautiful passing eyes, but not in the past, don’t lose yourself in the past again, with its angry hateful mouths, with its bullet like words, its dreadful clutching sobs, don’t fall in its claws, don’t answer its calls, don’t let it bury you, please.