29 Jun 2016

The courage to reach out (again).

Dear JP,

My name is Fatima, I'm 35 years old. I stumbled upon your YouTube videos by coincidence (although there is probably no such thing as coincidence), I was so inspired by many of the things you said, I was blown away by your wisdom and you kind, sensible sense of homour. I have been slipping in and out of depression for several years, my struggle has been a fierce one. I sought therapy, medication and spirituality without avail, I seem to regain some strength and confidence then quickly relapse again. I am tired, I am tired of my suffering, I am tired of enduring my pain, I am tired of the mammoth guilt I feel when I take my loneliness and anger out on my ten year old daughter whom I love more than anything, more than anyone. I know that what I need to improve is already inside me, I know that no one can save me but me, but I need a helping hand. Please, will you help me?

Kind Regards