11 Aug 2012

In my mind

In my mind, I find you
in my mind; we are not broken
not damaged, not tainted with our painful past
in my mind we are not trapped in the hurt
in my mind our hearts are not scarred
our happiness, not disfigured
in my mind our dreams are not foolish,
our expectations not naive
in my mind, I am not difficult, you are not distant

in my mind we forgive

in my mind we don't regret the choices we made,
the people we loved, the children we had
in my mind we talk about having a child together, then
we collide in a kiss..
in my mind we live in a small cottage where there are
no roads, and our walls are book cases
in my mind, I can rest my head on your shoulder
in my mind you make me feel safe..   
                                                 in my mind..
                                                           in my mind..