8 Jun 2011

Yes! My first audio poetry collection.

Recording Poems with Poseidon

I’m very happy that my first audio poetry collection will be available soon, I recorded a number of poems at Poseidon Record Production http://www.poseidonmusic.com/index_poseidonmusic.html on Monday June 6th, then went back on Tuesday to incorporate some sounds and subtle music with the poems, the experience was exciting, Phill Ward, my sound engineer is a very cool dude, he had some terrific ideas and was very helpful and supportive. The studio at Poseidon was very advanced technology wise, and Jordan Morris the lady manager who runs it all is a charming and diligent lady, she had a personal account for me up and running on the Poseidon website (above) in a matter of minutes when I agreed to the recording, then on the same day I did the recording I got back home and found all my poem tracks in a file on my Poseidon account! Talk about efficiency! Not to mention, whenever I emailed her with a query – regardless of what time of the day it was - I found an immediate response in my inbox! I’m telling you, the lady is hurricane of positive energy!
The title of the CD is ‘MOTH’ and it holds 23 tracks (poems) some from my book The Heart and the Subsidiary (available on Amazon, Google books, Waterstones, and Authorhouse.com) but it also includes new unpublished poems. Having an audio recording of my readings has always been one of those little dreams I hoped to accomplish, so I’m really looking forward to sharing this with the lovely people I meet at different poetry readings which I attend. I’ve designed the CD front cover and back cover myself and I’m anticipating the final version soon. I’m also planning to put the CD on e-bay for those who might not be able to attend my readings/performances or perhaps don’t live in the UK.
Having sold more than 300 copies of my book The Heart and the Subsidiary, I feel MOTH might even do better than the book, especially that people spend a lot of time driving in their cars and would sometimes like an alternative to music, or as my fantastic sound engineer Phill Ward pointed out; it’s something to listen to when your relaxing in the bath!

Here is a sample from MOTH... click the link and you'll find two MP3 files entitled Time and Pebble, just double click the one you'd like to listen to!