2 Jan 2016

Your bright and dim stars

Meeting a person for the first time, discovering them, also means that you are discovering something you did not know about yourself, meeting a new and strange part of yourself you never knew existed. As people, we act as mirrors for one another, we reflect to each other our dark and bright parts and we love those who reflect back to us our brightest and most attractive characteristics and detest the ones who reflect our flaws; showing us where we really need to change and grow. That is why some people find it emotionally challenging to meet new people, their only friends are those made when they were younger, they struggle with relationships and social events because in such settings of having to meet someone new, or being surrounded by a group of people they are not acquainted with, they are in fact confronted with their own disadvantages, something they would rather not see. It takes courage to make new friends and learn about your own sparkling and dim stars.