6 Sep 2012

Dead Sea

After recently visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan.

Turning sea rocks - waiting to be surprised
but there are only 10.000 types of trees,
not a branch that hangs quite how we please.
No matter how fast we run, we can never out run ourselves -
our hideous over grown demons.
Between the life we led and one we'd rather lead; there are
,uncaring parents, unfaithful partners, disappointing friends
gazing longly and lovingly into the wrongs pair of eyes
letters never sent, trips never taken, emotions
that could have been spared

My spirit yearns to want less, to know more - to know well;
the knowing of money in a banker's hands,
the knowing of the Dead Sea's longing for life; with its
saturated cruelty - saturated salt

To want .. to want..
to always want.