13 Aug 2011


I take you like a pill
reluctant, compelled.

I press you through the
thin, silver, metallic sheet
there’s a comic yet evil
sound to your piercing through
the malleable metal foil
always taking some of the
health warning in bold print as you go

20 mg capsules of chemical
substance I am unable to pronounce
your ridiculously complex name
is only an added emphases  
of your hazardous
side effects

You pop out so easily
but that is not how you go down  
you need to be pushed, thrust, forced
down my throat.

I feel you tumbling heavily
bumping blindly into the interior walls of the canal,
the hallow tube of my muscular chamber where my
vital air and food passages cross

I feel you twisting, turning upside down, down side up
I can never be sure on which face you have landed.