11 Jul 2011


I imagine love as thick and substantial as a log
before the dampness of rain cracks its bark open
exposing its vulnerable stem to the wind

I imagine love as vast and flowing as data, before
narrowed and cramped into a rigid man-made processor

I imagine love broad, infinite
until reduced to a few immature lines I hastily write
on the back of my shopping list, leaning on grocery aisles

I imagine love as trivial as nonsense mumbled in one’s sleep
as convincing as logic to the mumbling dreamer

I imagine love as bewildering as a page in my book
to the tiny leaf hopper that had been carried to it by breeze

I imagine love as invasive, as interfering and as commanding
as when passionate fingers are separated by passionate fingers.


What frivolity! Love is not a sentiment worthy of respect – Sidonie Gabrielle Colette